PV MATE provides an online platform for Solar Retailers to achieve the following

Publish a Solar PV project on PV MATE and receive relevant bids from countless installers around the country

Choose an experienced installer based on their comprehensive profile, feedback and our rating system

Use the portal to manage ongoing projects and make PV Mate your own CRM for installers

Utilise our secure payment portal to pay installers upon task completion

Digging a little deeper:

  • Assign a Solar PV project to any installer on our database and start installing jobs interstate effortlessly
  • Easy access to archived jobs anywhere, anytime
  • PV Mate will provide full visibility of installers’ experience and quality – You are assured to have enough information to make an informed decision on the right installer for your project which includes access to a thorough rating & feedback system
  • Multiple bids allow for lean costs and ease of cash flow allowing you to source installers from any state or suburb and attain higher job completion rates
  • Manage post installation paperwork effortlessly with an easy to use document upload/download centre
  • Set tasks to be completed by installers so that nothing is missed during a project
  • Use the built in chat windows to discuss an on-going project
  • Track and Manage multiple projects on the go
  • Find installers for your Service & Maintenance Jobs