PV Mate provides an online platform for accredited solar installers to achieve the following

Create a comprehensive profile which would include all the relevant information to gain a solar retailers trust

Attain visibility of jobs posted around your standard operating area and submit a competitive bid accordingly

Forge new relationships with Solar Retailers

Use the portal to manage all on-going projects, keeping everything simple and streamlined

Digging a little deeper:

  • Gain instant access to finding suitable jobs around your standard work zone with no effort or marketing costs.
  • Use PV Mate as a CRM platform for existing jobs by linking with your standard solar retailer via the platform.
  • Gain access to a shared management portal with your solar retailer so that each job can be tracked with access to onsite document upload capabilities and chat windows.
  • Receive instant online payments via PV Mate, keeping everything on one singular platform.
  • PV Mate archives all your jobs so that information can be accessed anywhere, anytime.
  • Pick up Service and Maintenance jobs to keep cash flow rolling.